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    Hi all our customer,

    Thanks for choosing our product!

    Here is topic to help us listing all bugs from theme or suggestion new features in next update version! Hope all of you will help us make our theme better.

    A. BUGS
    1. Testimonial Auto play (Fixed in 2.0.1)
    2. Banner open target bug (Fixed in 2.0.1)
    3. Cast label on Single Video display when don’t choose cast (Fixed in 2.0.1)
    4. Haru Videos Shorcodes (bug on IE 11 Window)
    5. Hide Vimeo controls: http://harutheme.com/forums/topic/strange-video-frame-not-usefull-information-below-the-video/
    6. 2 Videos Shortcodes in one page (Hide filter doesn’t work)
    1. Loadmore video by category


    Best regards,


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    Support Expired

    Currently the video filter only filters the videos displayed. With lots of categories, most show nothing. It would be useful to have ajax loading of the video thumbnails, so when a category is selected six more are loaded via ajax and also updating the pagination to reflect the number of videos in the category.


    Thanks! We’ll notice about this. Now we are updating new homepage!



    with empty label doesn’t disappear the label for example if I don’t type any cast or select any cast I see in front page the label CAST


    Thanks so much! We have fixed it in version 2.0.1


    How to update new version without lost any customization please?


    You can update new version by follow this topic tutorial.

    How to Manual Update WordPress theme via FTP

    Please make sure you don’t customize anything in haru-circle theme.
    You should only customize theme use this topic tutorial:

    How to customize WordPress theme using Child theme

    Hope this help you!


    I’m having an issue with Vimeo videos. When playing the video there are two sets of controls visible, one with the play/pause etc controls from the default video player and the Vimeo controls are also visible.

    Is there a way to disable to the default players controls and just allow only the Vimeo controls be visible/usable (perhaps after pressing PLAY on the video, the default player controls disappear and leave the Vimeo controls). At the moment the default player also does not allow people to change the playback quality/resolution, whereas with the Vimeo controls they could do this.

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    Hi, When I try and put the video player into full screen it does not expand. It makes a small screen in the corner. Especially on mobile. It also overlays the two players control (e.g. your player and vimeo). This makes it confusing.


    Hi, Next problem in the breadcrumb or the classification for the type of video it is such as tv, awards, promo commercial, and movie it will not display them.

    It will show blank and say show more. Then I have to hit show more it shows everything.

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    Hi, Now the video category breadcrumbs display as videos.
    We’ll notice about this.
    Also about vimeo player it’s happen with default mediaelement.js
    We’ll check and return to old version that’s don’t have this issue in next update.



    I noticed a problem with the video player. I updated to the latest theme and i am using a child theme. In the theme options at Circle Settings/Player, there is no option for player JS, hence the videos are not playing.
    I have attached the console log with the error when clicking on the video. I guess it has something to do with the mediaelement.
    Please let me know how to fix this, as i need to go live with the website in 2 days 🙂

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    Hi Mi Hai,
    Please update theme to latest version.
    Delete then reinstall Haru Circle Core plugin.
    Go to Theme Options then re save options.
    Now JS Player is None because we use default player of Youtube and Vimeo.
    We’ll research to add new player asap.
    To know more about video Player you can see this topic tutorial:

    How to customize Video Player in Haru Video Theme

    Hope this help you!



    I was thinking to creating a ticket, because what you suggested didn’t do it. I reinstalled via ftp the latest theme, deactivated Haru Circle Core plugin, deleted it and reinstalled it via WP backend didn’t do anything.
    The options are Player type: Player Direct / Player JS: none.

    Here is the link to check it out:

    F.O. & PEEVA – Lichnata

    Please help.

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