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    Hi all our customer,

    Thanks for choosing our product!

    Here is topic to help us listing all bugs from theme or suggestion new features in next update version! Hope all of you will help us make our theme better.

    A. BUGS
    1. Testimonial Auto play (Fixed in 2.0.1)
    2. Banner open target bug (Fixed in 2.0.1)
    3. Cast label on Single Video display when don’t choose cast (Fixed in 2.0.1)
    1. Loadmore video by category


    Best regards,


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    Currently the video filter only filters the videos displayed. With lots of categories, most show nothing. It would be useful to have ajax loading of the video thumbnails, so when a category is selected six more are loaded via ajax and also updating the pagination to reflect the number of videos in the category.


    Thanks! We’ll notice about this. Now we are updating new homepage!



    with empty label doesn’t disappear the label for example if I don’t type any cast or select any cast I see in front page the label CAST


    Thanks so much! We have fixed it in version 2.0.1


    How to update new version without lost any customization please?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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