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    Hello team i change the color in theme options and although i have enabled “To make color scheme work you need enable SCSS Compiler”

    the color stays green as demo.
    Can you help me pleasE?
    By the way i just purchased congratulations with theme.

    In order to see website because its new you need to add to your hosts file http://www.medicalpoint.gr medicalpoint.gr

    I have send you credentials for login.

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    Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product!
    We still see your site use old theme.
    Please make sure your server have settings as suggestion in our document here
    (Section Server Requirement)
    You can use this plugin to check settings:

    PHP Settings

    Here is video tutorial:
    You can see video How to change color scheme HaruTheme.
    Hope it will work fine!

    Best regards,


    What you mean using old theme?I downloaded latest version from themeforest and installed.

    My settings are fine as i saw from the plgin anyways i found how to change color its ok now , i will contact if i need anything more thanks team.


    Thanks for your feedback!


    1)Team i have another problem i try to save a border color, and style solid for example in any row in homepage and it wont save the settings?
    I need to fix a row with border…

    2)How can i change the main menu text color from white to black?

    3)Also how i enable my account login area for users?

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    • This reply was modified 7 months, 4 weeks ago by  nikosmantis.

    Team also your Haru products element in homepage is not working properly?
    I have se a limit 8 products per page and it keeps loading more?



    Good morning team any checking?


    Thanks for your feedback!
    We edited hosts file.
    However still see your site like this and can’t login:
    So we can’t check anything. Please check it!
    To Enable login area you need enable it in WooCommerce:
    You will see my account page in Pages like this: http://prntscr.com/la7lj3
    – With Haru Product you can choose another pagination type: http://prntscr.com/la7m2q
    Or if you want to hide it we’ll help you when can see your site.
    – About navigation color also we’ll help you change too.


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    Also team please inform me how you managed to put on your menu items here

    top products on drop down menu and also am i able also to put an image as dropdown menu?

    Also blog page dont show anything…so i cant put it in my menu.


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    Good morning team any checking on issues because i need to sho customer some updates?



    Team let me update you because i solved some problems my self so you dont need to read all these messages,

    1)How can i change the main menu text color from white to black?

    2)Also how i enable my account login area for users?(you sent me 2 images but i cant see them?

    3)if you put infinite pagination and want to set a limit to 8 products for example it dont works?

    4)Team sticky menu dont work properly.

    5)Blog page dont show anything.

    Please check these issues and inform me have a nice day and weekend all.


    6)Also why the social links dont appear on left side of logo?

    7) in the single product page when pretty photo opens it has bug , the close button is messed up check this product :

    8)Also here for example http://www.medicalpoint.gr/?product_cat=consumable-medical-supply
    I have set product columns to 4 and still it shows 3 and it leaves a white space after 3d?Is this a bug here?Or i do something wrong?

    Thanks team for all checking have a nice weekend.


    Please see this screenshot.
    We also added attachment you can see it. (We already change hosts file)
    We see your site use an other templates not our theme and also we can’t login.
    That’s why we can’t check it for you.
    Can you move it to temp url, so we can check it!

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