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    Hello. Firstly i’d like to say that this theme is beautiful. I love how easy you guys have made it to edit and I love how neat and clean the layout is. Very suitable for a medical website.
    I was making some changes in Theme Options > Header > Header Elements because I wanted to remove the Vimeo Icon and Quick Menu. I wanted to change the social icons but I can’t find the setting to do so. Isn’t it under Header Elements? If so, changing it doesn’t work.


    Thanks for choosing our product!
    Please follow our video tutorial (it’s already in our document) to customize header as you want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Zi2MwXSm98
    Please note header in Page Options will override in Theme Options. So If you can set all page options to default to make Theme Options work.
    Hope this help you!



    Delete reply.

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    Thanks for your feedback!
    Hope all is working fine now.
    Please subscribe our channel for more videos tutorial.



    Hello. How do I change font size in the top header? Currently it’s set to 12px but I want to change it to 13px. I added the following code in the Additional CSS section:

    .haru-top-header {
        font-size: 13px !important;

    but it still remains as 12px. It’s getting the font-size from a css file called ‘style.custom.min.css’ in wp-content/uploads. Can I make changes to this CSS file directly? Or where do I go in the backend to change the font size so that it changes in the CSS file automatically?


    I see you can changed font-size now:



    Yes, it works now. It wasn’t working before so I was confused but all good.

    I was looking at the site on my phone and noticed my logo looks a bit blurry/low quality. Is there any way I can fix this without using SVGs?

    Also, how possible would it be to implement a new preloader animation, the preloader being like the heart rate lines (Electrocardiogram tracing) going across the screen. See this image to understand what I mean.

    It may be a good preloader option seeing as this is a medical WordPress theme 🙂


    In theme options we already have retina logo option. You can change in that.
    About animation we’ll notice it and update later. Hope you can send us website have that effect.



    Here’s one example of a website with a preloader like that.

    In the preloader you can see the ECG lines in one of the preloader images.
    There was another website that had it, i’ll try to find it and link you to it.


    We’ll notice about it!



    Hello. On my page at http://magnetmedicalsupplyltd.com the button on the slider “View Products” doesn’t stay in line with the text when I decrease or increase screen size. It moves to the left. This is the only element that does this, all the text stays in line the way I set it. How can I fix this?


    Because the button is not auto responsive.
    So you can set it like this:
    Hope this help you!


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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