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    Hi all our customer,

    In this topic we’ll help you customize Video Player in our theme.

    Step 1: Know about Player settings.

    • Setting for Player in Theme Options -> XXX Settings (XXX is name of theme). You can see it in {yourwebroot}/wp-content/themes/haru-circle/framework/includes/theme-options.php.
    • Go to line 912 you will see Player setting like this:

    You can add new option and process

    Step 2: Display Player at Frontend

    • Display Player in single video:

    – You can see it in {yourwebroot}/wp-content/themes/haru-circle/templates/single/content-haru-video.php

    Video Player in Popup. We use AJAX to load video. You can see template of popup video in {yourwebroot}/wp-content/plugins/haru-circle-core/includes/circle/class-circle-helper.php. The code to display modal like this:

    Please note about autoplay video must be muted. More you can see here: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2017/09/autoplay-policy-changes

    So If you want video have audio, you can remove the code: &mute=1 or &muted=1 with Vimeo video. But use need click play button to play the video.

    Video Player Direct. You can see the template in {yourwebroot}/wp-content/themes/haru-circle/templates/single/video-player-direct.php. You can customize similar with player in popup.

    • Display Player in Video Shortcode:

    As follow this topic tutorial to customize using child theme here: http://harutheme.com/forums/topic/customize-wordpress-theme-using-child-theme/

    All our video shortcode display you can customize in  {yourwebroot}/wp-content/plugins/haru-circle-core/templates/posttype/video/

    Step 3: Know about JS

    JS for display player in our theme you can see in {yourwebroot}/wp-content/themes/haru-circle/assets/js/haru-circle.js

    The js code for video you can search the code: HaruCircle.video (line 340)

    • The function: displayVideoPlayer() display player in Popup
    • The function: displayVideoPlayerDirect() display player direct in single Video.

    Hope this will help you to easy know about how video work in our theme and help you can customize to fit your work.


    Best regards,





    in a video page, if there is not any link to a video it’s possible to hide the play video button?
    And if it’s possible to hide it also from the video home page when you pass with the mouse on the image (if than there is not any video link inside the video page)


    We added this issue in this topic: http://harutheme.com/forums/topic/formota-features-suggestion-and-bugs-report/
    And will update later in Circle and Formota theme later



    I have an issue with video player in the videos page, it donsn’t work with a Vimeo link, I have used the same method in films and it works perfectly. could you pls help me ?


    Please make sure you updated to latest version using Envato market plugin as we replied in an other topic.
    And please make sure you insert video ID if Vimeo (that is number of video url)
    Then go to Theme Options to re-save if needed.

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    MAny thanks for your replay,
    I did what u said, the vimeo link works only inside the film player and not in video.
    thanks again


    Thanks for your feedback!
    Can you please send us your site url and admin account?
    We’ll check it for you!
    Please make it as private reply!

    Best regards,


    ok, I did, many thans for your collaboration on this.


    Thanks for your feedback!


    I have an issue in the filmspage, in the Haru FIlm Setting, we can’t use the load more button or the page number method in the paginanetion, because it repeat the same film poster for many times) instead and before to show the hidden one.So we are abbliged to set the pagination to none.
    Thanks for your help

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