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    After updating to the latest theme version, i noticed many issues with the website.
    The links on some of the images are wrong, being added the website’s ip in front. For example: the logo on top has the link….. instead of https://onemoreframe.net/wp-content/uploads/…..
    This started happening after the last update to the theme.
    Also, the dark orange color has changed.

    Please help.


    Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product!
    Before update you can use this plugin to backup first: https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/
    Updates of our theme don’t update anything with data.

    How to update WordPress theme Automatic from ThemeForest

    Please make sure you updated Haru Circle Core plugin follow step 2 in this topic tutorial.
    Then you need rebuild custom CSS (change color and typography) because in latest version we changed path of custom css file to fixed issues with images url when use child theme.
    Hope this help!



    Jesus Christ! Are you freaking kidding me??? Please tell me i haven’t lost all customization because of this latest update.
    And please explain again what you meant by “Updates of our theme don’t update anything with data.”

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    Sorry but what did you customized. You changed files in our theme or what did you do.
    If you want customized files in our theme you can use child theme follow this topic tutorial:

    How to customize WordPress theme using Child theme

    Because if you update theme, all old file in parent theme will be override.
    Updates of our theme don’t update anything with data is mean our theme don’t update anything on your database as post, pages, settings,…
    If you already override files you can contact your hosting provider rollback it for you.



    yeah…. never mind. last time i get a theme from you guys.

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    And by the way, your latest update has issues with W3 Total plugin and the WP bakery is still old, 6.03, while the latest one is 6.05


    We have just checked your screenshot.
    The url of media is setting of your site.
    Our theme update can’t change it.
    You also can use Better Search and Replace to fix issues with URL.
    About WP Bakery has just updated this weekend.
    We’ll update it to latest version next week.
    Please patient!


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    Thanks for your feedback!
    First of all we can say other customers update theme and don’t get this issue.
    1. The URL of media save in database of your site and our theme can’t take any effect to change it (because you updated new files only). However solution for your site is use this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/better-search-replace/ to find old URL and replace by new URL in database.
    2. If you see in our theme folder assets/images: http://prntscr.com/oj6j6j will have images design for arrow, close,… In latest version we fixed issues 404 of these images when use child theme (not images you uploaded in Media)
    3. We have just checked your site and see some images with wrong URL now. You can try solution in 1.
    4. We always want to help our customer resolved issues. However if it not come from our theme we only can give suggestions.
    Hope this help and you can understand about this issue for us.

    Best regards,

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