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    I’m trying to understand how portfolio works. There are a lot of problems or things I don’t know how to handle. I don’t know if I miss something but there is few info in the documentation page.

    I have made a capture video so that you can see what I can or can’t do. See the link below.

    Questions :

    1 – I need to have a feature image different from the other gallery photos. I don’t want the feature image to appear on the slider. How to do?

    2 – On the portfolio thumbnails, there are 2 possible actions :

    Action A – hitting the portfolio title by rollover, witch open a page with the slider
    Action B – hitting the icon, witch opens a pop-in window.

    A little confusing ! Is there a way to choose between both ?

    NB : By the way, I would prefer to have the title constantly visible under the thumbnails. Not only on rollover

    And as said in a previous post, it doesnt work on ipad !

    3 – On the portfolio pages with the slider (Action A), how to manage the info where they are empty (I don’t have any Team or Date). Where this date “1 january 1970” comes from?

    4 – On the pop-in photo viewer (Action B), how to manage the size, look, buttons… The design looks so different from the website main design !

    5 – The pop-in is too big for small screens and not responsive. See the video

    6 – There’s seems to have bug on the pop-in: once the window has been moved, CLOSE button won’t work ! Whatever I do, wherever I hit, I’m stuck on the pop-in !

    7 – Some galleries have a FullScreen button (top right) … some not. How to manage this ?

    8 – Sometime a thumbnails toolbar is visible… Sometime not !

    I hope you give me solutions. Really need help ! Thanks

    Testing video


    Other thing, I dont understand.

    I upload images in a portfolio’s gallery. When loaded on the page and the viewer, each images is loaded 2 times.

    Ie : uploading 8 images > 16 images, each images being loaded 2 times + 1 for tthe feature image.

    See the link : https://tinyurl.com/ya4dhb66

    Am I missing something ?


    May I have an answer ! Please !


    Help !


    Response time up to 1 business day.

    is it a joke ?
    Will somebody can give me an answer please !


    Please update to latest version. We fixed hover issues on mobile. Also almost your question can found on forum.
    If you want to customize something please follow topic tutorial customize use child theme.

    How to customize WordPress theme using Child theme

    You can hide or change any information you want.
    About popup when you responsive that’s issues of external library prettyPhoto. So we’ll update when this repository update.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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