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    Hi again,

    In Theme options / Single Setting /

    I try to customise the video single page’s design. Whatever I try, nothing works. :-/

    1 – When uploading my own title’s background image, the default mountain picture is not replaced. Don’t understand why!

    2 – When removing the default background picture, again, I still have this picture. The only way to remove it seems to Disable Single Blog Title.

    3 – How to enable the Single Blog Title without any background image. Just a black or grey text over a white background.

    4 – How to get rid of “X views, Comments, Categories” appearing under the single video title ?

    See attached image

    Thank you !

    Best Regards


    See image attached

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    To hide background of page title, the easy way you can remove the image like this:
    (in Theme Options -> Single Settings)
    And all you want to customize you can easy follow this topic tutorial to do it in child theme and you can keep your work after update theme:

    How to customize WordPress theme using Child theme

    Please notice at templates folder structure.
    Hope this help you!

    Best regards,


    To hide background of page title, the easy way you can remove the image like this:

    Thank for the answer but it doesn’t help! As described in my messae, whatever I do, this image still appears !

    What about my other requests? Do I absolutely have to work with a child theme just to remove “comment, categories…” ?


    Can you fill your site url and admin account?
    We need to check on your site. In our dev site we have just checked and it’s working fine now!

    Henry Vato
    Support Expired
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    Just to tell you that I have change the “bg-page-title.jpg ”

    I filled the color in grey as I was unable to remove it.



    I has asked a developper to help me to do the changes. I’ll keep you posted to tell you how things work !


    We’ve succeded in removing “comments, number of views…” But still can’t find a way to manage the title background.

    Help would be appreciated ! Thanks.


    I have just checked your site and see when you remove page title background it’s doesn’t display now:
    and change background image:
    Hope this help you!

    Best regards,

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