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    I tried many different options, but videos every time are not displayed properly. Right now I have 2 videos in videklip category, but they are not appear after you click on this category. In reklama category I have 4 videos, but it display only 2!? When all selected there should be 15 videos, but only 8 are displayed?!

    I tried to select videos from category and from video ID and still videos are not displayed properly.

    I tried different combination with Post per page and pagination option, but always something is missing.

    I’ve made fresh install of wordpress and new version of Circle template for a third time! Please help…


    Hello Pablo,

    I’m a Circle’s user too. I don’t know if it helps but maybe you have categories added in parents categories wich have the same names. For example, I had 2 “commercials” sub-categories in 2 main categories : all “commercials” sub-categories were mixes. What a mess !

    I had to change the names of the sub-categories, leaving “commercials” for the first and naming “commercial” (without a “s” at the end) for the second.

    See image attached

    I don’t know if it helps. Otherwise you have to wait for Haru’s response…

    Good luck

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    thanks for trying to help, but I don’t have sub-categories…
    In categories section everything looks OK, number of video in categories is OK, but on page it doesn’t display videos :/

    I’m waiting for response from Haru…


    I think I solve this problem, I just put a number bigger then number of videos in empty ‘Posts per page’ window and for now it looks like it’s working 🙂 ufff

    Simple, but I spent about 2 hours trying different options…


    Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product!
    Sorry for late response because I have just got a sick.
    About your issues videos will get from all category and order.
    If you want to show all video you can set videos to display (Posts per page) is: -1
    Hope this help you!

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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