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    Videos being opened from the website (Haru videos component) are working fine.
    The same page open from mobile is not functioning correctly:
    1. When trying to play the movie it looks like movie is being opened in the post page (why?)
    2. Then I hit the play again and movie is not working.

    Please advise.


    I have just checked your site again on mobile and see video play.
    However the css of player have issues now and you can’t control video.
    Please update theme and plugin to latest version as I replied to you on other topic!



    Udating the plugin haru-core fixed this. Thanks.
    The only remaining issue (which is common to both web and mobile I’ve described in another topic: http://harutheme.com/forums/topic/strange-video-frame-not-usefull-information-below-the-video/#post-1187)

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    Thanks for your feedback!
    We already replied to you on other topic!




    I have the same problem described by Zajac.

    Videos are not opening on Safari Iphone mobile.
    Same thing for the video categories filters, hitting the categories buttons doesn’t work.

    On Safari – iPad, single videos open but portfolio with videos doesn’t work. Hitting the thumbnail doesn’t open the pop-up.

    NB : it’s working fine on Chrome / Samsung.

    I have upgraded theme to Version : 2.0.4.

    Need help ! It’s URGENT ! Thanks.


    Hi Henry Vato,
    Please create new topic because this topic is not the same your issue!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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