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    Henry Vato
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    Others questions :

    How to manage the video-category pages.

    1 – How to get only the videos title under the thumbnail.

    2 – Title : how to change the “Video” title? ie : Projects, realisations…

    3 – Bread Crumbs : typography settings and overlay colors.

    See the attached images

    Thank You.

    Best Regards



    The file you have just uploaded have too large size and can’t attach.
    Please upload your screenshot to and send us the link of image.

    Best regards,


    Can you fill your site url and admin account?
    You need add custom CSS code to hide or change them.
    We’ll help you do it and have tutorial to help you change it!



    Thank to the help !

    I have provided my account settings in the previous post.

    For category videos : How to do when you have 2 sames sub-categories ?

    For example

    Stop Motion
    – Commercials
    – Demos

    – Commercials
    – Demos

    Commercials, Demos for both main categories are mixed up !?

    Thank You


    – To get Video title under thumbnai we already replied to you on other topic!
    – To change Video to Project,… you need go to:
    + wp-content/plugins/haru-circle-core/includes/posttypes/video.php
    You will see string Video to change. Please note maybe you need go to Settings -> Permalink and re Save to make it works!
    – Type you can change in Theme Options -> Typography (at the bottom you can change typo for heading). About color you need use custom CSS.
    – About categories with sub category you can use a menu to display it. If you want to display it on Sidebar you can use Widget Menu to display the menu you have just created!
    Hope this help you!

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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