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Online business is more and more popular in this modern world. One of the most effective tools to use is SEO WordPress plugins to help you control the traffic. Today, HaruTheme will introduce top 3 of them to start with.


Yoast SEO

yaost seo

Yoast is a popular SEO WordPress plugin.

The first to be mentioned is Yoast SEO. Since 2010 when it was first introduced, Yoast SEO has been so helpful that is considered the most popular SEO tool on WordPress. Why do people use it? Let’see.

This tool gives you the right directions, instruction to raise up your rank on Google search engine. With detail parts such as H1, H2, H3, meta description and keyword, Yoast SEO can make your articles more useful in attracting people. It also helps you to fix the writing if there is anything wrong or not good for SEO on-page. This is simple, easy to use and effective.

Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

As its name, this is a very effective SEO WordPress plugin that many businessmen choose for their work. Of course, we all know that Google is a giant in searching and collecting data. That is why this Google Keyword Planner can compete with many SEO tools in the world. 

The very interesting when using this is that you can get suggestions for keywords from Google itself. With this worthy information, you can have the best campaigns ever. You do not need to worry about the cost because this is free 100%. If you want to make the best movie, besides using a premium WordPress film theme, taking SEOquake is really a good idea!



The number 3 of this list is SEOquake. This name is so familiar to any marketers, especially when you have SEO on-page campaigns. If you want to use this, you can start with Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or more. In this case, the best web browser you should use is Mozilla Firefox.

SEOquake can show you a lot of indexes such as the volume of a keyword, the rank of your page and backlinks. It even can help you know about your competitors in detail. This is really a very effective and helpful tool you should use in 2018.

SEO tips on WordPress

Among using SEO WordPress plugins, you also need many other tips to make your website more user-friendly and effective to sell things. These are 3 of them we recommend:

  1. Check to make sure that your site runs fast and smoothly. This can give satisfaction to users and make them come back to your site again and again.
  2. Control the size of the images on the website. Big pictures may make your site run slowly so you should check and choose great pictures with suitable sizes.  You should also reuse pictures for different writings to reduce the data of the website.
  3. Use good host provider to make sure everything is ok with your website for a long time. You can choose the best providers from Pagely or WPEngine and more. Do not save money in this case but you should invest in your business.

Well, with our suggestion, what will you choose from 3 SEO WordPress plugins above? What do you think about this list? Comment below and share your ideas. Thank you!

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In a busy world, speed is what we need to care. You have to do things fast but make sure to bring the best quality. Here they are the top most popular multipurpose WordPress themes for you to use.


wordpress movie theme

This is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes.

Circle is among the top most popular multipurpose WordPress themes, it has been awarded as the best CSS Award SMA. This means it is really a wonderful and fantastic tool to help you in business. It is popular because of its many special functions.

As a multipurpose WordPress theme, this one is used by many different kinds of people. A blogger can use it, a producer can take advantage of it, an agency may care about it and more. Filmmakers often use this one to create great movies with stunning pictures. It is elegant and appealing to watchers. One interesting thing you can find is that you can share your movies on Youtube or Vimeo to advertise your new works. It really helps much, save time and bring high quality.


Jevelin is among top most popular multipurpose wordpress themes.

The second WordPress theme to mention is the Jevelin. This one is a good tool to help you create great websites. It is easy to use, simple but bringing amazing performance. Jevelin is suitable for websites, blogs and online shops. By using WooCommerce and Javelin, you can make you shop more popular and user-friendly. This brings beautiful templates and great layouts.


X wordpress theme

X is an innovative WordPress theme that may attract you with its functions. This popular multipurpose WordPress theme is responsive and suitable for any types of websites. It supplies different Stacks, which can help you get the best choice. A special thing about this one is that it brings you many chances to use fonts, logo and layouts. With HTML5 and CSS3, X is really an effective tool to do business.



Divi, as well as Divi review, is a popular WordPress theme we want to mention today. It brings you many different layouts, more than 20, with 32 languages to make the most friendly website ever. Divi is most suitable for building a creative website with full functions of selling things online, contacting through emails and more. It owns a beautiful design and elegant performance. This one is also a very safe WordPress theme which is reviewed by Sucuri.



Number 5 in this most popular multipurpose WordPress themes list is Uncode. This WordPress theme brings many options of fonts for you to choose from. From Typekit, Squirrel to Fontdeck and Google Fonts. It also has many special functions such as LayerSlider, iLightbox plugin and more. With its functions, Uncode can help you make an effective website and create an online shop with more than 30 demos. It also owns a lot of innovation to bring you good and attractive videos with clear images. 


With these 5 most popular Multipurpose WordPress Themes in this list, HaruTheme wants to bring you the best tools to create wonderful websites and shops online.

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Are you going to make a film? Which tips to choose? Will a WordPress film theme work well? Read this and you can find 5 tips to make a wonderful movie!

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1.A good schedule.


The first to be mentioned is a good schedule. Without this, you can see everything in trouble. You need to arrange the time, the work to do with a good schedule. It helps you to remember all things together as well as get the good mood to do your work. Because making a movie is not easy, you need things to be in order. Try to work independently and carefully.

2. Choose your favourite kinds of films.

Do not make a movie if you know nothing about it. The key to success is when you know exactly what you are doing. You should start with what you like, what you know, it is a good tip to make a wonderful movie! Choose your favourite kinds of films to start your business.

3. Add a moving soundtrack.

Although you have a good idea, a good team to help you do the work, please never forget a wonderful soundtrack. Your audiences want to listen to good music which can express the content of the movie. That is why a filmmaker has to pay attention to this. Many even pay a lot of money to have a good song performed by famous singers. Choosing a moving soundtrack can appeal watchers and let them remember your movie.

4.Using WordPress film theme/WordPress movie theme

One more tip to make a wonderful movie is to use a good film theme. Many filmmakers use WordPress film theme or WordPress movie theme to advertise their movie. This helps to bring your movie to the audiences. There are many WordPress themes you can choose, some are free, others are premium. It can save a lot of time for advertising. It also expresses the right kind of movie you have made. The best way is to know how to choose the best WordPress film theme before starting your business. 

5. Rehearse before you film.

tips for making a wonderful movie

Rehearsing is a tip to make a wonderful movie.

Last but not least is to rehearse your film. We all know that there are many mistakes during the process. Rehearsing your movie is a good way to find the mistakes and delete it to make sure that your audiences satisfy. Do not make all your effort become a failure just because of tiny stuff. Be careful and you can get the success you want.


So now, have you had any ideas for your movie? Tell us and we can share and help you all. With these 5 tips to make a wonderful movie, we believe that we can help young filmmakers to get the first steps.


How to appeal many visitors to your web with WordPress movie theme? How to drive the traffic of your website? Let us tell you what to do with our 5 tips.

1.Choose the right WordPress movie theme for your website.

wordpress movie theme

Circle – a WorPress movie theme to use

You need to understand that having the right, suitable and responsive WordPress movie theme is a very good tool to help you create a movie web. If you choose the right one, your design and performance are of course appealing to customers and the visitors. They will see more and follow your web and can be loyal visitors.

There are many WordPress film themes for you to choose, some are free and some are premium. You need to decide what you want after knowing well your situation and target.

2.Good content makes you success

Good content is a wonderful and realistic tool to attract visitors. Your web can get better traffic if the content is good, suitable and promoting. You may give the audiences many good movies but you need to introduce them what they will see. Attracting and moving content can do best in this case. The text of course needs to include keyword to make SEO better. You should write content easily to be read.

3.Choose a good name

choose a good name

Don’t forget to stop with a good name to attract your visitors. You can do a lot of work, spend a lot of time for content and choosing good movies, but a good name can do better than that. Why? Because it is the first to be seen by the visitors. If they do not like the name, do you think they will continue to see your movies? No, of course not. So remember to create a suitable name for your web. It does not mean that you have to choose a strange or humourous name. But a suitable one which can related yoru movies and target market.

4.Update with new films

Beside a WordPress movie theme, good content and impressive name, you also need to update with new movies to get better traffic. Of course, people click to see your films and they want to see new things after each week. Do not keep the web the same for a long time because you may lose your loyal visitors. There are many wonderful, fantastic and interesting films to choose to update. Be more industrious and you can get a better position in customers’ mind.

5.Listen to your audiences. 

listen to your customers

Listen to your readers and watchers.

A good WordPress film theme or appealing content is not enough to satisfy the watchers. They want you to be in seamless communication with them. Do not ignore any comments or suggestions because you may have innovation for your website. With many views of the visitors, you can have a list of good movies and need what they want to see to make good change in the future. Be interactive and respective your clients.

With our 5 tips above, we believe that you can have a great web to attract many visitors. We also want to give your advice to choose right WordPress movie theme, WordPress film theme to start your business. Welcome and good luck ! Contact us whenever you need help!



How to have your comfortable WordPress film theme for next plans? These tips are highly recommended and they are very helpful in this case. If you are really looking for a premium film production wordpress theme, let read carefully and check these tips.

#1 Choose a WordPress film theme with clear and lively appearance

circle filmmaker wordpress theme

Because your films are what audiences care much, you must, of course, choose a theme with its high clear appearance. This can help all the images of your films more clearer, lively and impressive. If an audience visit your site, he will want to see a film with high quality. So, this is really important for you to think carefully and test before buying any film themes.

#2 Choose a SEO filmmaker WordPress theme

Why do you need to care about SEO ? Because this can help your  website to be more popular and attract others. In marketing, SEO is a useful tool that any companies use. As well as doing business, making a film is a competition. There are thousands of new films outside every days, so why an audience have to choose yours? Having a WordPress film theme focusing on SEO features can help your site get high rate on Google searching. Well, this is a smart way to introduce your new film to the world.

#3 Choose a user-friendly WordPress film theme

user-friendly wordpress film theme

This is very important. No matter what you do, no matter how great your film is, the most important thing is if the user can use and see it. Even you choose a WordPress video theme, a WordPress movie theme or a WordPress film theme, all you need to care is about your audiences. Having a friendly theme can make your users experience many great things while  they spend time on your website. This can help your site have the largest number of visitors. Choosing right theme which is compatible with WPML Plugin is also a good idea. Because it can help much in creating more sites in different languages, which can appeal more visitors from other countries.

#4 Choose a WordPress film theme with special features

Some film production website template can support you many special features. If you read carefully about features of each WordPress film themes, you can find out  what you want. Some can allow you to work effectively and easy to add content and make showcase. Others can help to choose right theme for each kind of film you are making. There are many WordPress themes which can supply many homepages for directors, actors, showcases and more for your team. Some features such as sharing films on social network, increasing rating plugin, counting view are also important to care. By choosing the right themes with great support from unique feature, you can get a premium theme and save your time as well as develop your work.

#5 How much budget do you have?

If you do not care about this, how can you choose the right WordPress film themes? Not all are free but you have to pay for them. Knowing how much money you have is the very core thing to decide which one you can buy. Some themes have great features but you do not have enough money,  this leads to time wasting for finding and looking. If you have much money, you can determine to choose whatever you want, so you just need to pay attention to the features and everything related to it. Otherwise, you have to note about the price and then later read down about the features. Do not waste time just because you like it ! Time is precious and your money are limited !

What kinds of benefit can you have with a premium WordPress film theme ?

-More update : many premium themes will supply update model with fast speed and high security

-Better documentation: This can help you have  good services of PDF, which are not served with free themes.

– Great support:  it can help you to create a forum and share  films online, on social network as well as through emails. Of course, this can not be seen in almost free  templates.

#6 Decide if your site will allow advertising

If you want to make some advertising on your site, you need to understand that it may affect your design. In some cases, advertising can make some changes in formatting of the website. Because it is only served with  JavaScript tags and iFrames, so you can not ignore unexpected effects it can bring. One more thing you need to care when choosing a film blog wordpress theme is that if you can turn the size of ads in case the visitors use mobile phones. Because if you do not make sure for this, turning on ads on your site is not a smart choice at all. You may choose another solution in this case rather than having a site with advertising.

#7 Choose a WordPress film theme with high speed

Do not care just about the appearance but you should pay attention to its speed. Because making a movies require high  speed when processing information. Having a high speed theme can help you save a lot of time and energy. So which will reduce the website’s speed?

-Feature-heavy: If you look at a theme with more than 10 sliders, and 20 preinstalled plugins, please be carefully. This seem to be a good one but it is not. This can reduce the speed of your website   with numerous JavaScript files.

-Overuse of large file formats: As you can see the word overuse, this means the WordPress film theme uses a lot of images and videos. Please  minimize it.

-Poor coding: This has a bad effect to the website. To solve this problem, you should update it gradually and choose  premium theme which offers updates freely


With our  7 tips above, we highly believe that you can get a great WordPress film theme with these small tips. 7 tips above are really useful in any cases. So will you use them and choose for your upcoming plans? Please read carefully and be positive !


You want to share your movies and get premium WordPress movie theme to make your works wonders? Why not take a look at our list today so you can choose one suitable for you. Having great WordPress movie and video theme will help you have best works to upload on Youtube and share with your friends.

1. Circle- a multipurpose WordPress movie theme

The first to be mentioned in our WordPress movie theme today is Circle. Circle is a stunning multipurpose theme so it is very useful in your work and life. Not only helpful for making movie, it is also very helpful for creative agencies. This theme supplies you 10+ beautiful homepages so you can easily add content and share your work to others. You can also choose great functions to make your movies and share on Youtube or Vimeo. All movies are clean, elegant and charming. With modern technologies, Circle theme is really premium and surely make you satisfy with it.

ffilmmaker wordpress theme

One more thing to care when choosing your WordPress movie theme is about awards. Such WordPress themes with awards are more recommended. Circle is the one to receive best CSS Award SMA. With its beautiful layout, Circle can make changes to your movies and make them more lively and attractive to watchers. Not only being a stunning WordPress movie theme, Circle is also a great filmmaker WordPress theme to choose in any cases.



2. Frames – Movie Studio & filmmaker WordPress theme


If you are looking for Filmmaker WordPress theme or a theme for movies studio, filmmaker,… Frames is right choose for you! This theme is suitable for any creative agencies, corporations, teams, personal as Film Studio, Film Actor, Film Director,… to build their own work.

With special functions you can choose source for video, film from Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Dailymotion, Facebook, Drive Google, Embed or from your Self Hosted to help you can easy manage your work. And with super clean, elegant and modern design your site will more attractive with customer and perfect to promote yourself, your own work.

With Special Dark Light mode switch function, your site will more attractive with your customers.

Download Frames  WordPress theme


2. Huber

One more WordPress movie theme in this list is Huber. Because Huber supplies many functions so it can help you much in making movies. Huber is very stunning, powerful and interactive. Moreover, it also has many tabs to choose. You can use tabs for reviewing and making your own forum. You can also use its private function to make charming movies. This is a great choice to choose to make your movies better.

top wordpress movie theme



3. Moview

Moview is also listed in our suggestion today. Besides Circle and Huber, Moview is among top WordPress movie themes for you to enjoy. It not only helps you get responsive movies but also gives you many chances to experience its great functions. You can easily create many sites from IMDb, Rolling Stone to CinemaBlend, TMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. Moreover, Moview theme can help you to  build stable databsase in a fast and effective way. Although it is not the best one to choose, but is is among top best.




4. Social Play

The fourth in our list is Social Play. This theme serves magnificent look and great responsive WordPress movie theme for you to use. And it even supplies stunning trend to make your films better and unique. This Social Play, as its name, can also help you much on uploading videos on social network to share with other people. You just need some clicks and then your videos can be appeared on YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion,. How easy and effective it is!

wordpress movie theme



5. The Cinema

Number 5 is the cinema. This WordPress movie theme is a fantastic for anyone like watching movies with online cinema 24h . You can easily enjoy latest movies without worrying about time and places. It is really a good choice for many people to use.  Anything else? The Cinema theme can help you to save time, and more than that, save your much money! Great motion pictures at high quality can make your movies lively like you were in a real Cinema!

cinema theme



6. FilmMaker

Filmmaker is recommended by many people because of its special functions. It is not only a great Filmmaker WordPress theme, but it even can help you get better work. Although you are a company, an agency, or you are a director, all can together use this them. It supplies pages for Vlog site, production and it even helps much with clean and clear pictures.

ffilmmaker wordpress theme



7. goWatch

One more WordPress movie theme we recommend is goWatch. This is very useful and premium with modern design. GoWatch gives beautiful layout with mega menu, custom fields and custom posts. You can easily choose and make great showcase, portfolio and create categorize in different purpose. GoWatch allows users to take advantages of all its function. It is also responsive with mobile so it is easy to use and work.




8. VisuaFX

VisuaFX is a theme for making movies and videos. It can brings stunning design with many beautiful layouts. It can even help much with artworks and presentation. With some functions such as Parallax animation, TM Gallery and Projects plugin, VisuaFX can help you save time with some clicks to make online document and wonderful movies.





Next of our WordPress movie theme list is Videoly. This theme is quite cheap but can brings perfect performance. You can use it for making great video. It is suitable for Vloggers and Youtubers. they can save much time but get good videos to upload. This is among wonderful WordPress video theme to choose. With beautiful and lively templates,  and 6 sliders to choose, Videoly will help your works more attractive and appeals more watchers than usual.





With great stunning and premium WordPress movie theme list, we offer you wide choice for your movie making. Please feel free to contact us and we are willing to help and answer.



Why should you use filmmaker WordPress theme for making movies? 3 reasons below will help you know usages for using this. Let’s read carefully and get benefits of it as much as you can.

ffilmmaker wordpress theme

Circle is one of best filmmaker WordPress themes

1.Filmmaker WordPress theme helps to create attractive movies

Using right theme for right topic is very important. When making a movie, you have to use suitable theme to help your movie more attractive. Filmmaker WordPress theme is the right choice in such case like this.

For each kind of movie, you can also easily choose right kind of theme. Many themes supply mutual styles for kind of movie. You can choose from Wild style, Nature style, History style, Animation style. This modern thing makes your movies become more attractive, more lively and appeals more audiences.

2. Easy to use

All kinds of WordPress theme for making movies are  easy to use. You do not have to work much but can use modern tools to help you reduce work per day. These are simple, easy to use and set up. You can manage your website so effectively and really scientifically just by clicking your mouse. Instead of having write down so many things on papers, you just need to sit down in front of the computer, open your laptop and press, click and check for all.

3. Freely create

Filmmaker WordPress theme helps users create unlimitedly

WordPress theme allows users create unlimitedly

Filmmaker WordPress theme allows user to create unlimitedly. Because of its wide styles, wide range to choose, you can get one suitable to create your movie. You can easily add and change content and homepage. Time saving is one advantage for you to create more and more. Colors are varied can help much in making lively showcase.

Some WordPress themes is very useful. It is not only invented for directors. Some agencies, bloggers, video maker can also use it. One mutual theme is Circle, which is created for studio, agency, directors and even bloggers. They can make videos, beautiful photos and  charming content. If you want to use WordPress video theme. Circle also is right choose for you!

With these 3 reasons, we see that using WordPress theme is really great. For directors or film makers, having one filmmaker WordPress theme is so helpful and save time.


Filmmaker WordPress theme is what you are looking for your next coming plan !How to have the most suitable filmmaker WordPress theme? Which one is under your budget? Let us help you save your time, you can sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee and surf our website to get what you want in some seconds.

1.  Frames – Movie Studio & filmmaker WordPress theme


If you are looking for Filmmaker WordPress theme or a theme for movies studio, filmmaker,… Frames is right choose for you! This theme is suitable for any creative agencies, corporations, teams, personal as Film Studio, Film Actor, Film Director,… to build their own work.

With special functions you can choose source for video, film from Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Dailymotion, Facebook, Drive Google, Embed or from your Self Hosted to help you can easy manage your work. And with super clean, elegant and modern design your site will more attractive with customer and perfect to promote yourself, your own work.

With Special Dark Light mode switch function, your site will more attractive with your customers.

Download Frames  WordPress theme


2. Circle filmmaker WordPress theme


filmmaker wordpress theme

Circle filmmaker WordPress theme has won best CSS Award SMA on 27, September 2017. This is very worthy because of many benefits it brings to users. We recommend Circle WordPress theme a great theme for creating a website. This is not only used to in making movies but also very helpful for any personal purposes. You can have this to help much in a film studio, or to add content for your blog or magazine. Even an agency can also own this to get great job. Both film directors and filmmakers can take advantages of this filmmaker WordPress theme to promote themselves. Circle theme supplies many demos and designs for you to choose.

Strong features of Circle can be mention are One-Click Demo import, 10+ homepages. With these strong features, Circle WordPress theme help you much to connect with the world. You can easily share your beautiful photos and update new status for your movie. You can also get more choices to make your work effective when using other features. Circle can make you all, from a blogger to a film director feel great. Other theme features such as Clean and Minimal Design, sticky slider and promotion boxes are also interesting and helpful.

Download Circle  WordPress theme


3. Formota – Movie Studios & Filmmaker WordPress theme

If you are looking for Filmmaker WordPress theme or a theme for movies studio, filmmakers,… Formota is right choose for you! This theme is suitable for any creative agencies, corporations, teams, personal as Film Studio, Film Actor, Film Director,… to build their own work.

With special functions you can choose source for video, film from Youtube, Vimeo or from your Self Hosted to help you can easy manage your work. And with super clean, elegant and modern design your site will more attractive with customer and perfect to promote yourself, your own work.

Download Formota  WordPress theme


4. Nine Studio – A Film Maker, Studio, Agency & Blogger WordPress Theme


filmmaker wordpress theme

Nine studio is also among best filmmaker WordPress themes. With this Nine studio, you can easily creative a website and work well with your movies. This is not only used by directors and filmmakers, many people in movie industry can click to have this one great WordPress theme and start their long days with effective work. One great thing of Nine studio is that it helps you easily to create and publish a video with content. Visual Composer is free and great to use, too.

With its 7 updated, Nine studio can supply beautiful designs with strong features for customers to choose. With 7 home pages, this filmmaker wordpress theme can also help much to showcase your movie to audience. Nine studio also supplies many features which is both new and innovate. Because of its fast loading speed, Top ranked feature will help your website always appear on Google more often. Nine studio can even allow you to use both Online documentation and take advantage of Easy customization. Of course, after all, you will be served well with its 5-star service experience.

Download Nine WordPress theme


5. Vysual- Responsive Film Campaign WP Theme

filmmaker wordpress theme

One more filmmaker WordPress theme we recommend is Vysual. This can be wonderful to whomever likes replicate movie websites. You can easy connect to customers, make them moving with your work hard by adding attractive content and express. Changing colors will not be difficult at all. Just by some clicks, you can get your demo content and have a great theme ever. Vysual theme is suitable for promoting your movie. It can help to create  good marketing programs to promote your film plan.

Vysual filmmaker WordPress theme features helps to translate contents immidiately with Translation ready (.POT file included). First, You can easily get in touch with social network like YouTube, Vimeo and Self-Hosted. Or If you do not want to use a laptop but an Ipad instead, this is OK because Vysual theme is still beautiful even you change the device. With Advanced jQuery animations & effect, Vysual allows you to make greater animations.

Download Vysual WordPress theme


6. Cinestar- Film Marketing Responsive Template

filmmaker wordpress theme

Cinestar filmmaker wordpress theme is suitable for you to choose. First to say, This has many different modes which are good in different cases. Secondly, Visual Composer feature is an advantage of Cinestar. And this also allows users to take use of the theme. Next, Best video hosting service is supplied to help your background and video moving with great content. With 6 demos for many kinds of movies, directors can easily choose suitable for their film campagain. They include demos for war, animation, history, nature, wildlife and space.

Cinestar theme has 4 kinds of homepages and 6 different movie demos. This is really amazing for any directors to creative their suitable films. You can choose a wildlife demos for wildlife film, a nature or a history demo for exactly what your film is about. Easily to connect to YouTube, Vimeo and Self-Hosted is also a plus. Besides that, Cinestar theme can be used well with Mobile because of its Mobile-Friendly feature. Well, This is really a very friendly filmmaker wordpress theme to try at least once in your life.

Download Cinestar  WordPress theme


7. AmyMovie – Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme

filmmaker wordpress theme

AmyMovie theme is especially suitable for creating Movie website. This can  help you import data easily with clean code. Besides that, this theme is simple, and very easy to use with high speed. It also supplies  many movies in cinema for you to choose and enjoy. You will among first ones to know for latest new about movies playing. And can not miss this, AmyMovie has many advance features such as Advanced Theme Options, Advanced Movie options, Amazing Showtime function. With 10+ advanced features like this, AmyMovie can help much in your work and help you save time. If you want to add content about your long list of contact, Excellent Contact Form surely works well.

Download Amymovie  WordPress theme



With these 8 filmmaker wordpress themes, you can find yourself best suitable one within your budget. All are much recommended and have great features. What you need to do is just spend some seconds in front of your laptop and finally, you can get it easy . Good luck!

If you also want to find the best WordPress video theme this topic can help you.


This is about top best WordPress Video theme trending now. If you are looking for a website template or theme to show your works like videos, movies,… WordPress theme is the right choice for you. In this article,we’ll listed top 10+ WordPress theme for video, movie: then you just need to choose and  build your site.

0. Vidio – Video Manager WordPress theme

If you are looking for a beautiful WordPress theme for manage your video website about news, fashion, game, technology,… Vidio – Multipurpose Video Manager WordPress theme is right choose for you! This theme is also suitable for you to showcase what you do, allow you manage your customer and their videos, to present your products,… and much more.

With special functions from Haru Vidi – Video WordPress plugin you can build your attractive video websites as you want. And with super clean, elegant and unique design your site will more attractive with customer and perfect to promote yourself, your own work.

Download Vidio – Video Manager WordPress Theme


1. Circle – most popular WordPress video theme


The first to be mentioned is Circle theme. This Circle WordPress theme is suitable for many people. From any creative agencies, corporations to teams can use Circle. Besides that, it helps much for not only in studio but also for  directors, bloggers and agencies.

With special functions, it give you wide range of choices. You can choose source for video, film from Youtube, Vimeo or from your Self Hosted to help you can easy manage your work. And with super clean, elegant and modern design your site will more attractive with customer and perfect to promote yourself, your own work.

With 10+ homepages and clean design, well documented and video tutorial you can easILY customize this theme to fit your work.

Download Circle WordPress theme


2. Formota – Movie Studios & Filmmaker WordPress theme

If you are looking for Filmmaker WordPress theme or a theme for movies studio, filmmakers,… Formota is right choose for you! This theme is suitable for any creative agencies, corporations, teams, personal as Film Studio, Film Actor, Film Director,… to build their own work.

With special functions you can choose source for video, film from Youtube, Vimeo or from your Self Hosted to help you can easy manage your work. And with super clean, elegant and modern design your site will more attractive with customer and perfect to promote yourself, your own work.

Download Formota  WordPress theme


3. VideoTouch -WordPress Video Theme



VideoTouch is ultra responsive, retina ready, and built on Twitter Bootstrap framework. It features a clean, modern and interesting design, packed with the super powerful TouchSize Layout Builder which offers unlimited possibilities and options. Our Page Builder is at the core of our theme, giving you full control over your website and lets you create sites that suits your needs. The builder incorporates some incredible features making it one of the most versatile themes on the market . If you’re looking for a theme that will offer you the possibility to create any website – VideoTouch is the one.

Download VideoTouch – WordPress Theme


4. Videoly – WordPress Video Theme for Video Blog



Videoly is a WordPress theme suitable for bloggers, Youtubers & vloggers. This theme is brought to you by Elite Author, ThemeBubble. The best thing about Videoly theme is that, it has 9+ beautifully designed & ready-made templates. Plus, with the help of intuitive page builder (Visual Composer), you can modify your way to change the way the site is displayed without knowing a single line of code. The theme comes with a powerful admin panel that helps the users to stylize it the way they want.  There are 16+ thematic templates for you to choose.

Download Videoly – WordPress  Theme for Video Blog


5. Betube WordPress Video Theme



Betube is  very suitable for video websites. It brings you the latest design in Video Website trends with both beautiful full and fixed width page templates. Besides that, such templates are very charming and elegant. With 10+ unique Homepage designs we are confident you will find a design that meets your needs.

Betube is very suitable for creating online video website. With its elegant full page sliders and advanced features , it can help to creative an online marketplace. You can embed videos from all big videos websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Hulu then enjoy and relax.

Download Betube WordPress  Theme


6. Snaptube – Premium WordPress Video Theme



No more those hard-coded templates! No more shortcodes! Build you own layouts using drag and drop modules!

Snaptube is amazing WordPress video theme and it takes advantage of our famous three step setup. Which means in just a few clicks – literally seconds – you can have a fully functioning site, loaded with all of our stunning demo content for you to tweak and adjust as you see fit.

Download Snaptube – Premium WordPress Theme


7. VideoPro – Video WordPress Theme



The most powerful WordPress theme for video-based websites. Built upon our True Mag theme, biggest video theme on market, VideoPro has more unique features which help you to build any kind of video websites. Whether it is about game, movie, news, entertainment, science… VideoPro can do it!

Download VideoPro – Video WordPress Theme


8. VideoTube – A Responsive WordPress Video Theme



Have you ever wanted to collect and share your favorite videos online? Interested in uploading your own work to broadcast across the web? Videotube is here for you.

Whether you’re embedding preexisting videos from giants like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu …Videotube supports oEmbed protocol and any sites that supports Iframe/embed code or showcasing creations. And it  offers a clean and modern platform to do just that.

Effortlessly customize Videotube to your liking with its powerful homepage widgets

Invite peer feedback with Videotube’s built-in like system

Share popular videos on social media

Allow users to submit videos and contribute to Videotube

Collect, present, and share a world of videos! With Videotube at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

Download VideoTube – A Responsive WordPress Theme


9. VideoStories 



VideoStories is suitable for Movie or Video Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, YouTubers, Vloggers etc. It has 9+ Beautifully designed & ready-made Homages Variations (Including Movie and IMDb Homepage). This can help you much because of its many functions. First, it help to arrange your personal. Secondly, it helps for marketing and promotional Websites. This really can  help you to modify any page or post via drag and drop system without knowing a single line of code. It has Powerful Options Panel. One Click Demo Importer will help you to make your website exactly like Demo with a Single Click.

Detailed Documentation with Theme Package, Videos how this Theme works with Theme Package. It will help you to learn quickly how it works, pretty basic knowledge needed to work with this Theme.

Download VideoStories – WordPress Theme


10. VideoMag – Powerful WordPress Video Theme



First to say, VideoMag is a Powerful Responsive Video WordPress Theme designed for video magazine, video blog, video tube or video portal. It supports not only Vimeo, Vine, but also Youtube DailyMotion, Twitch and self-hosted videos. The second thing to mention is this theme  function. It will auto generate thumbnails for the video from popular video site both Youtube andVimeo.. Besides that, it also saves it to your server to speed up your page load speed.

Download VideoMag – Powerful WordPress Theme


11. Solar – WordPress Video Theme


Solar WordPress video theme

Show off your work with this easy-to-customize and fully featured WordPress Theme. After you buy this theme, you will have an extra  file of additional features like Video Support and Responsive Layout. And this is really very helpful.

Theme Features

  • Video Support throughout the theme including the featured slider
  • Unlimited Color Schemes that are easy to customize from a front-end color picker
  • Retina Support: Solar is optimized for high resolution displays like the Macbook Pro with Retina Display, iPhones and iPads
  • Responsive Layout: Mobile, Tablet and Desktop optimized
  • Video Documentation with a detailed written help file
  • Demo Content included in an XML Import file for quick setup
  • Translation Ready with a .po file
  • Post Formats Supported: Standard, Gallery, Video, Audio, and Link
  • Unlimited sidebars supported
  • Flickr Widget that automatically pulls in your Flickr images
  • Built using HTML5 Boilerplate for a fast, robust and future-proof site!
  • Photoshop Files Included

Download Solar – WordPress Theme


Thanks for reading our article about WordPress video theme. And we hope this list will help you choose the right theme  for your works. Finally, If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feedback or email to us via email harutheme@gmail.com!

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