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Hello, yes it seems fixed but that’s because the ‘Order By’ choice was set to ‘Publish Date’. When it’s set to ‘Random’ which is what I had it set to before, it duplicates the items. I’ll order the items by Publish Date for now since it works, but a fix for Random Order would be nice.


I also came across another issue with the same Haru Products Shortcode. I have Infinite Scroll enabled for the Load More option, and if I choose a product category to filter before loading all products, it loads all products rather than just the ones in the category. In other words, the way it works now is, all products have to be loaded first before filtering by category or else all products will show, when you choose a category. When all are loaded and you choose the category again, then it only shows the products that are supposed to be in the chosen category. See the video below to see what i’m referring to.