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    I have a couple UI bugs and UX bugs I noticed with the latest update that I thought should be fixed. Hopefully you can help me fix it asap so I won’t have to wait for the next update to roll out, since my support expires in less than a month..

    1. Haru Products Ajax Category Shortcode and Related Products Slider
    With the new update, there is no spacing between the products and all the borders around the product items don’t show. See below screenshot for reference, or click here to visit the page

    Same can be said about the related products slider. Some of the borders don’t show. I’m not sure if it’s an image size issue or a CSS issue, but it bugs me a bit. See below screenshot for reference or click here to visit the page.

    What I did notice with the related products slider is that the border shows properly at different screen sizes.

    2. Clear filter and “All” filter does not work on product category page
    On the product category pages (as can be seen here) the clear filter button and button to show all categories doesn’t work.

    These were all that I was able to find so far. Please assist!

    Thanks in advance…


    Thanks for your feedback!
    1. We didn’t get this issue on both our dev site and demo site.
    We can’t support in this case if you customized our style.
    2. Also did you customized anything in shop page because we checked again our demo site and dev site and it’s working fine now.
    If you customize anything please feedback (js or css of what elements)!



    I haven’t edited any theme files css or js. I only added custom css in Appearance > Customize and I removed the custom css to see if that caused it, but that wasn’t the case. And this is after I updated to your latest theme, so all the old theme files would have been overwritten with the latest version of the files (I’m not using child theme)


    If I give you my login info would you be able to assist me? I’m really not sure why it’s happening. I noticed that on my shop page @ https://magnetmedicalsupplyltd.com/shop in the breadcrumb section only “Home” shows. The full trail doesn’t show like “Home > Shop” I set the display to none for the li 2nd child in custom css because “Shop” wasn’t showing, only the arrow was showing, so like “Home > “

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    So I just did a fresh install of WordPress and re-installed your theme, activated all plugins and imported the demo content (Home 2). After doing all this, when I visited the shop page, the same issue is present. I can’t clear the filter with the current category showing nor can I choose to view all products, only individual categories.


    Also, this doesn’t seem to be a problem on my end only as i’ve checked someone else’s website, who posted a thread on this forum, and is running this theme and the same issues are present. So not sure why it’s working on your demo site/dev site but not on ours. You can click here to view his/her site.

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    Hello, is it possible someone can assist with this? Over a week has passed since I’ve gotten a response and my support will be over soon…

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