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    I really loved the look of Circle, but am new to web designing and cannot change code. I have been wanting to add fields like Writer and Producer to films as I have done both on films like St. Elmo’s Fire and TV shows like Saved by the Bell. But it seems like I cannot do that.

    I also don’t like that fields like views, comments, category.

    The video trailer is also huge on the page.

    In films, it focuses on directors and I am a writer.

    I have gotten links from support which seem to require changing code which I am afraid to do.

    But it seems like I can customize a page for $20 an hour. I am tempted to do that. Has anyone done that? Would that let me get a project page like I like it and use it on each page?

    If i can solve this problem, I would love this template.

    My website is being developed still at http://www.kurlanders.com and my old site is http://www.carlkurlander.com


    In this case please insert your issues and what do you want to change in this list:
    Then we can estimate and calculate the price for you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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