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    1. Is there a way for the video items to auto-create thumbnails for each listing? I have to add a lot of videos and don’t have time to manually create an image for each video. Youtube is providing thumbnails – can the site fetch them automatically?
    2. My website is in Bulgarian and I’ve created video categories on bulgarian, but the filtering doesn’t work on those categories: https://skybrothersfilms.com/videos-grid/
    Can you please add support for Cyrillic alphabet in the filter?


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    1. Sorry but currently we don’t have function automatic imports videos with thumbnail.
    We’ll research to add it later.
    2. You can go to Videos -> Categories and change the slug to english is the best solution: https://prnt.sc/cp1Zu78cyx-m
    The slug will short and all will works fine. The name you still can use Cyrillic alphabet
    Hope this helps!



    Do you have that option for auto-import of thumbnails on you other templates like Frames for example? Or Frames is using the same system as Formota?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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