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    Hi, I tried a lot of things but nothing, I don’t know why my page BLOG doesn’t appears as yours.

    Our: https://www.gianpieroalicchio.com/blog/
    Your: http://demo.harutheme.com/circle/blog/

    I don’t touch nothing.

    I tried to change the footer too but no changed, never and ever.

    Please can you help us?
    Thank you and regards.

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    As I replied to you on ThemeForest.
    Please note you need go to Theme Options -> Archive setting then choose layout with right columns: http://prntscr.com/hs8wye. You can see sidebar select to display at right position. Please go to Appearance -> Widget then choose what you want to display on the sidebar you have just selected! Hope this help!
    About videos to customize the theme you can found it here:
    Here is the video to help you customize Footer. You need change Role of Visual Composer:

    Hope this help you!



    Sorry but I don’t want to see right sidebar on all pages but only in blog page as in your demo.
    How can I fix it please?

    Best regards


    Hi, Please send us your site url and admin account via email harutheme@gmail.com. We’ll fix it for you!



    Okay, now I resolve it but the footer continuing to doesn’t change…I changed it in other pages but in this one doesn’t work


    Please see video tutorial then you can easy customize footer. Maybe you selected footer for page in Page Options when edit page.


    Yes of course I do it in page options but it doesn’t change…and other thing now, I don’t know why, after fix blog page, all titles are caps, why? I want as before I didn’t change nothing in settings….can you see it? In footer, in sections… everywhere…


    Sorry but can you listing your issues and page have issues and send us your site url and admin account via email harutheme@gmail.com. We’ll check it for you!. We need check it in admin dashboard too.


    Sorry I can’t login.
    Please check carefully and send us url to login admin dashboard!


    All pages now don’t work…all is written with CAPS and is wrong (after fix blog page). And footer in blog page doesn’t change, I tried in every way.

    Ok, I sent and email with new admin account. Did you received it?

    Best regards


    Sorry but i checked pages and see it display normal now: http://prntscr.com/hs9i74
    Only footer maybe need check but can’t login with yoursiteurl/wp-admin. Can you please check. Also maybe you install some plugin to protect your site and I can’t use debug tool of browser to check your page!



    No sorry but You missed other pages, are with wrong character and a lot of it is in CAPS, look the footer too, is in CAPS.

    I sent you the correct url, try again please and check in every pages please. I don’t see correct as before, as your demo and I didn’t change anything after fix blog page everything is wrong


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    I replied to you on email and this issue happen when you changed font to SC. All heading will CAPS!



    Ok but footer doesn’t change in blog page, did you check it in admin panel please?


    I see you changed font and it working fine now. About the Footer if you see the video tutorial in 3-5 minutes you can control it very easy!


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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