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    Customers can’t click on the cart icon on the right top of the site.
    On phone it works great, but on pc, it’s not working.
    Once you get to the cart page, and try to click on ‘proceed to checkout’, it gets blank…

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.


    Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product!
    About the issue with checkout page maybe it come from your server:
    We can’t login admin dashboard too. Similar with checkout page. Please contact your hosting provider change it for you similar this topic: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/error-domain-refused-to-connect-when-trying-to-view-plugin-details/
    About issue with cart sidebar please go to wp-content/themes/myha/assets/js then open file haru-shop.js
    Then go to line 280 and add this code:

    if ( $(window).width() > 767 ) {
                    $body.on("added_to_cart removed_from_cart", function () {

    It will become like this:
    Please clear cache to see changes.
    We’ll update in next version.
    Hope this help!


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    As we replied above.
    We can’t login to admin dashboard. We sent the screenshot above.
    Also we checked your site and see you use some plugin or script code to change source of page like this: http://prntscr.com/p0zjye and use iframe. Please try to deactivate it and try again!
    Also when we check source code via iframe and you didn’t do as our suggestion above:
    Please check again!



    Hi Guys,

    Added the piece of code and disabled the plugin that created the iframe.
    All issue’s fixed except one. When you go on the home page, the cart-icon doesn’t work until you reload the page for some reason (refresh, clicking on icon, …).


    Kind regards.


    We still can’t login admin dashboard to check your site.
    However you should use Mini Cart (not Mini Cart Sidebar) like this:
    In Theme Options -> Header -> Header Elements to make sure all is working fine.
    Hope this help!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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