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    Hi, using Youzify plugin for a community site.

    Key features i bought the vidio plugin and theme for were so members could have their own channels and playlists as those are essential for my website.

    However, I’ve noticed that there is no seperation for channels , playlists etc!
    Any user can add their video to any other users playlist or channel….
    It should be that they can only add to their own…

    For example, I created a test user with normal subscriber role, logged in and added a video.
    In the ‘add video’ page, it offered me the option to add the video to any playlist or channel created already by other users…

    It should only offer the option to add to my own, otherwise the whole purpose of a user having their own channel / playlists is broken as anyone can add to them.

    Please can you let me know how to set this so that users channels / playlists can only have their own videos and not be open to all?
    Otherwise I cannot use the theme / plugin for my site as this is key function



    Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product!
    Sorry but our plugin doesn’t have feature add their own video to playlist.
    If you notice similar Youtube, A user can create a playlist and they don’t need to upload their videos?
    They can use videos of other user and create their playlist.
    However we’ll add this feature to research later.

    Vidi Features Suggestion and Bugs Report


    Support Expired

    Thats not what I meant.
    On youtube a channel is just for the user who creates it, not for all users to add any videos to.

    On Vidi plugin, If one user makes a channel, other users can add videos to it when they add a video…

    I need so that users have their own channels and playlists that only they can add videos to, not open for everyone to add videos to each othes channels and playlists.

    Its fine to be able to add other peoples videos to your own playlist,
    but not fine if you cannot make a channel or playlist that only you can add to which is the case here?


    Currently this function has not available. We’ll notice to add it later.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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