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    We tried again with your suggestion but get the same result.
    Does your server have special config?
    We think the other solution is use Duplicator plugin and more your site to temp domain

    #2156 http://www.medicalpoint.gr medicalpoint.gr

    we have lost so much time and i have problem with my client
    I have told you that there is no config and specific configuration

    clear your cache
    clear your history

    check that you have that records on your HOST FILE
    i check for 4 computers and site is opening fine

    waiting for your reply


    Sorry but this is the second time we take screenshot about hosts file:
    Also we checked with two computer with incognito tab like this:
    (Browser clear and cache clear)
    Hope you can understand about this issue.
    We tried many time with your instruction but can’t see the site to help you!

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    Our hosts file working normally because we use it for other domains too.
    Also we checked on 2 computer but still can’t see your site.
    Also we taken screenshot about hosts file 2 times and you can see it.
    Hope you can understand we tried it many times.


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    I’m checking your site now.
    After see your host file the exact is: http://www.medicalpoint.gr (need remove http://)
    Now the menu nav color has been changed. We are checking other issues. Please patient!


    Here is screenshot to enable account register or login:


    ah if you managed to login ok no problem take your time with the issues and reply as total dont wory the point was to be able to login.


    The code for menu color in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS at bottom.
    3. I have just checked and see infinite scroll is working fine now.
    4. Sticky menu is working normally. That’s similar on iphone. It will display when you scroll up.
    5. Please change language to english so help us check for you more easier.
    6. Social link you fixed now:
    You can follow this video to manage header: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Zi2MwXSm98
    Please note you need insert link for social in Theme Options -> Social Settings
    7. We noticed and will update in next version. Now we made temp fix by custom CSS in Additional CSS.
    8. Product shop page show 4 columns now. Maybe you need update to latest version of theme:
    If still have issue please listing here. We’ll check for you later!

    Best regards,

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    Thanks for your feedback!
    2. You can show header login on topbar by use this widget:
    8. We have just checked your site and it’s display 4 columns fine now:
    4. We noticed in this topic: https://harutheme.com/forums/topic/clarivo-features-suggestion-and-bugs-report/
    5. To set blog page you need 1 page like this with blank content: http://prntscr.com/lg4m8e
    Then set it is blog page in Setting -> Reading
    Hope this help!

    Best regards,

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