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    I have tried following the instructions provided in the customize plugin template to modify plugin files/includes/post types (to convert some of the actors, director, trailer, film, etc into posts that fit my products). I can get the modifications to work in the PARENT THEME BUT NOT IN THE CHILD THEME. Following the screenshot instructions (see attached) does not align with the earlier direction to match the folder structure… if you look closely at the instruction image it is missing several folders in order to get to the film-style. I don’t see how you got the sample to even work.

    My folder structure path to get to the plugin/includes/post type: Haru Circle Child\plugins\haru-circle-core\haru-circle-core\includes\posttypes. However, even though I matched the path of my folder structure in the child theme, my modded files did not work.(the files are fine-remember they work in the parent theme). At this point, neither the work instruction path nor the actual path is working.

    Can you please tell me the proper way to customize the Haru custom post-types, actor, director, film, etc so it will work in the child theme?

    Also, as an alternative, I created a new custom post type, based on the FILM post type. I mainly created it so the film attribute would not show in link. The custom post works but I would really like to use the HARU FILM element with the new post-type. I was partially successful in converting the element to my new custom post type but I am unable to link it to the new IDs and categories… can you take a look at the code and help me correct it so the data is linked?

    Attached: pu-framework contains the new custom post type code, lightnovel.php is the converted HARU FILM element, customized plugin screenshot to show the missing folder structure, and light novel elements, shows the non-functioning categories.

    Super thanks for your assistance.


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    1. Our site limited upload file extensions and you can’t upload PHP file.
    We have just updated images for more detail about Folder Structure you need create in this topic: https://harutheme.com/forums/topic/customize-wordpress-theme-using-child-theme/
    Now you can easy view Folder Structure and customize template display via child theme.
    Please note other customer can do it too. You can read the comments in that topic.
    2. You need add new shortcode param to make it work in WP Bakery Page Builder.
    Step 1: go to wp-content/plugins/haru-circle-core/includes/shortcodes/ then open file functions.php
    Step 2: Add the code similar this:

    vc_add_shortcode_param('haru_film_categories', 'haru_register_vc_field_film_categories');
    vc_add_shortcode_param('haru_film_list', 'haru_register_vc_field_film_list');
    function haru_register_vc_field_film_categories($settings, $value) {
        return haru_multi_select_settings_field_shortcode_param($settings, $value, 'film_category', 'haru_film', true);
    function haru_register_vc_field_film_list($settings, $value) {
        return haru_multi_select_settings_field_shortcode_param($settings, $value, 'film_category', 'haru_film', false);

    Then you can follow this to add new Shortcode:

    How to add new WP Bakery Shortcode in HaruTheme

    and use this when register new param:

        'param_name'  => 'category',
        'type'        => 'haru_film_categories',
        'heading'     => esc_html__( 'Film Category', 'haru-circle' ),
        'admin_label' => true,
        'dependency'  => array(
                             'element' => 'data_source', 
                             'value'   => array('')
           'param_name' => 'film_ids',
           'type'       => 'haru_film_list',
           'heading'    => esc_html__( 'Select Film', 'haru-circle' ),
           'dependency' => array(
                                 'element' => 'data_source', 
                                 'value'   => array('list_id')

    P/S: This is custom work, so if have error you need check it yourself.
    Hope this help!


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    in response to 1. The instructions are the exact same except the text larger is made larger in the screenshot.
    The customize plugin instructions are not working to modify the post types Director, Actor, Film, Trailer back end. I have tried many combinations to get the CHILD THEME to find the path to the post types, nothing is working. Can you please walk through an example of changing the film post type on the backend? i.e. converting it from film to books using the child theme. (I have no problems doing it in the PARENT THEME.)



    If you notice that’s tutorial to customize template display. It use for customize template display at Frontend.
    If you want to add new plugins functions you need to it in plugins or create new one.
    We don’t support customize backend because that’s custom project and need much time to check the code from customer.
    If you can do plugins function in theme. So we’ll don’t need to use plugin!


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