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    Support Expired


    Ok thank you for the refund link and response.

    FYI – I imported your demo content and that literally broke the site/ wordpress. I edited nothing after the import was done, all I did was go back to the website a day or so later and I could not login to the wordpress back end. It broke all on it’s own… so that’s entirely your responsibility in my opinion.

    As I said, I have done this a lot, used a lot of themes and none of them have ever caused so many issues, especially with demo content.

    I created the FTP accounts with the right permissions afaik. I believe that the main issues with it are actually due to my hosting companies strict security on FTP which is very insecure anyway.

    But if my knowledge and skill with FTP is the primary reason for your support to be successful, then you’re not very good at support. How on earth would someone with no knowledge of this cope?

    Your only other method to provide support was via local hosting, which again, someone with no web development knowledge would have no clue.

    And you offer nothing else.

    Whilst I appreciate your quick responses to my comments/ posts, including this one… I certainly don’t appreciate your insinuation, or attitude, that I am at fault for your poor support and somehow not capable of “basic” things for a web developer.


    Your answer are not logic if you read your reply carefully but it’s not important anymore if you don’t want to use our theme.
    1. You imported demo data an it was working fine. Then you go back, it have issue. Do you think another person can change it or your site got attach? or some plugins auto update! Have many reason and need to check.
    2. We make sure PHP settings is only the issue with import demo content and almost theme on ThemeForest required this.
    3. Please read our reply carefully, we send the tutorial to help you enable Debug of WordPress but you haven’t read or your skill are too low. We already send this for some customer and all of them can do it.
    4. You can have many years with your job but you don’t upgrade your skill, read more about new knowledge. You still a beginner.
    5. Knowledge and skill with FTP is: nobody is a web developer don’t know about FTP account or hosting account. We haven’t met anyone before! They can not understand at first time but after contacting hosting provider, they can do it.
    We’ll return your money after some days.
    Thanks for your time.


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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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