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    Support Expired

    Hi! That is, I can’t Install de core. Error:

    Cuando busques ayuda para este problema, es posible que se te pida la siguiente información:
    WordPress versión 5.8
    Tema actual: Pangja (versión 1.3.5)
    Plugin actual: Haru Pangja Core (versión 1.3.5)
    PHP versión 8.0.10
    Detalles del error
    Se ha producido un error del tipo E_ERROR en la línea 108 del archivo /srv/vhost/ Mensaje de error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function dirlist() on null in /srv/vhost/
    Stack trace:
    #0 /srv/vhost/ ReduxFramework_extension_wbc_importer->demoFiles()
    #1 /srv/vhost/ ReduxFramework_extension_wbc_importer->getImports()
    #2 /srv/vhost/ ReduxFramework_extension_wbc_importer->__construct(Object(HaruReduxFramework))
    #3 /srv/vhost/ redux_register_custom_extension_loader(Object(HaruReduxFramework))
    #4 /srv/vhost/ WP_Hook->apply_filters('', Array)
    #5 /srv/vhost/ WP_Hook->do_action(Array)
    #6 /srv/vhost/ do_action('redux/extension...', Object(HaruReduxFramework))
    #7 /srv/vhost/ Redux_Extensions->load()
    #8 /srv/vhost/ Redux_Extensions->__construct(Object(HaruReduxFramework))
    #9 /srv/vhost/ ReduxFramework->__construct(Array, Object(Redux_Args))
    #10 /srv/vhost/ Redux_Framework_theme_options->initSettings()
    #11 /srv/vhost/ Redux_Framework_theme_options->__construct()
    #12 /srv/vhost/ require_once('/srv/vhost/byte...')
    #13 /srv/vhost/ haru_include_theme_options()
    #14 /srv/vhost/ require_once('/srv/vhost/byte...')
    #15 /srv/vhost/ haru_framework()
    #16 /srv/vhost/ require('/srv/vhost/byte...')
    #17 /srv/vhost/ include('/srv/vhost/byte...')
    #18 /srv/vhost/ require_once('/srv/vhost/byte...')
    #19 /srv/vhost/ require_once('/srv/vhost/byte...')
    #20 /srv/vhost/ require_once('/srv/vhost/byte...')
    #21 /srv/vhost/ require_once('/srv/vhost/byte...')
    #22 {main}

    Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product!
    We have just checked your site and see Haru Pangja Core is activated now:
    Have only issue you need to install Redux plugin to install Demo data.
    We tried by your site need FTP account to install, you should contact your hosting provide resolve it for you.
    If you can’t import demo data you can follow this topic:

    How to fix WordPress Importer missing images when import demo data?


    How to fix WordPress Importer missing images when import demo data?

    Here is the document:
    Video tutorial:
    Hope this helps!


    Support Expired

    Sorry but I had to reinstall WordPress because of my hosting provider.

    I’m having the same issue.


    Please check this issue first.
    We can’t install plugin to check it.
    You can send the screenshot we sent above to your hosting provider resolve it for you.
    Then we’ll check issue with plugin.



    Also after they resolved the issue with plugin install please send us FTP account and Homepage you want to import.
    We’ll check it again.


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