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    INDEED YOU GUYS ARE GOOD :). Exactly what I need. I am so blessed having you guys.

    Thank you so much and GOD BLESS YOU.


    Thanks for your feedback!



    Thanks for your usual great support.

    I saw on my dashboard that I should upgrade the woocommerce database and I clicked to upgrade it. But now my product display is scattered…https://prnt.sc/ne6erj.

    Please help me fix this.

    Thank you.


    You need update theme to latest version after update WooCommerce follow this:

    How to update WordPress theme Automatic from ThemeForest


    How to Manual Update WordPress theme via FTP

    Hope this help!



    Many thanks, it worked. I’m grateful.


    Thanks for your feedback!


    Many thanks for your previous support.

    1. Please how can I remove the 3 fields in red on the booking form…https://prnt.sc/neinb5

    2. How can I display the official hours in the area in red…https://prnt.sc/neingc

    Thank you.


    Please the revolution slider has stopped working and at the backend is requestion a code…https://prnt.sc/nek3t9 and https://prnt.sc/nek363


    Please ignore my question on the revolution slider. It was a mistake. It was actually the Hot Deal box. It disappeared because I deleted all the deals. I will put something else there.
    Thank you



    Please also ignore my question #3252. I have changed the position of the booking form and I want to remove the fields in red and adjust the font size of phone number and bolden the ‘HOTLINE’ text…https://prnt.sc/nelgao.

    Thank you.


    When you have do something wrong with page you can return to old revision here:
    About your question with Booking Form this is fixed form and you need some PHP skill here:
    First you need know how to customize template display use child theme here:

    How to customize WordPress theme using Child theme

    In this case the file you need to customize is: wp-content/plugins/haru-clario-core/template/posttypes/appointment/layout/ then open file style_x.php (x is setting at backend of shortcode)
    Please delete HTML code about department and doctor:
    To change CSS of HTML element you can see that video on our channel here:
    In this case you already added the code for you in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS:
    Hope this help!




    Thank you very much for the detailed information you provided. I am very grateful.

    But please I don’t know exactly the portion of the code I should delete. Can you please highlight it for me.

    Thank you.

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    Please ignore my previous question.

    I have done it, I’m very grateful everything is fine exactly as I want now. I appreciate the code you added.

    However please I want the ‘HOTLINE’ text to be bold. Can you help me bold it please.

    Secondly, I finished the editing, I returned the theme back to Clarivo from child theme. But after I changed it back to the main theme the home page link is still…https://chyzobpharmacy.com/home-2/. How can I change it to https://chyzobpharmacy.com. I don’t want it to have /home-2.

    Thank you.


    Further please, I tested the form and I got this error on the form…https://prnt.sc/nez5fq


    If you already added custom code in Customize and parent theme it will don’t appear in child theme. This is base use of WordPress.
    So in this case you should do as below:
    1. Copy all code from Customize -> Additional CSS
    2. Active child theme and paste CSS code in Customize -> Additional CSS again.
    3. Go to Settings -> Reading and set Homepage and Blog page again.
    About questions
    1. You can follow our video tutorial to customize any HTML element you want:

    because we can’t support you changed all issue with CSS.
    However in this case the code is:

    .appointment-form-shortcode-wrap.style_1 .appointment-content .appointment-schedule .emergency-case .emergency-content .emer-title {
    font-weight: 700;

    2. About the form issue you need go to wp-content/plugins/haru-clarivo-core/shortcodes/posttypes/appointment/ then open file appointment-form.php
    You should find all code have deparment and doctor text and delete it. (in screenshot is example)
    Hope this help!


Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 76 total)

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