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    Hi all Customer,

    In this topic tutorial we’ll help you change posttype slug (Archive Posttype page).

    We’ll use Formota theme as example and change slug of Posttype Video:

    Step 1: Go to wp-content/plugins/haru-formota-core/includes/posttypes/ then open file video.php

    Step 2: Change video slug please see line 75. You need change code here:

    'slug' => 'video',

    change to:

    'slug' => 'haru-video', // You can change to an other slug

    Step 3: Go to Settings -> Permalink and re-save.

    You can do similar when change video-category & video-tag slug

    Step 4: If you don’t want to show archive custom posttype page you can change the code on line 69 from:

    'has_archive' => true,


    'has_archive' => false,

    Maybe you need re-save permalink options.

    Hope this help you!



    Best regards,


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    • This topic was modified 12 months ago by admin.
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