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    Hi all customer,

    In this topic tutorial we’ll help you copy shortcode from an our theme to an our other theme. However you can’t do this with shortcode display Custom Post type because it’s more complex. Please note it will lost if you update our plugin or theme.

    We’ll copy shortcode Timeline from Formota theme to Circle theme as example.

    If you already purchased both theme of us:




    You can follow this topic tutorial:

    How to add new WP Bakery Shortcode in HaruTheme

    You can copy code and do similar tutorial. (However have notice you need change text domain from:




    Copy CSS code to another theme:

    Let’s open wp-content/themes/circle/assets/sass then open file shortcodes.scss like this:

    You need to add this line:

    @import "shortcodes/pricing-plan";

    and copy pricing-plan.scss to wp-content/themes/circle/assets/sass/shortcodes like this:

    The last step you need rebuild SCSS to CSS by go to Theme Options -> SCSS Compiler and Enable this option. Click on Save Twice to generate new CSS file (Please turn off after you get all working)

    Hope this help you and thanks for reading!



    Best regards,



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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 4 months ago by admin.
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