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    Hi all customer,

    In this tutorial we’ll help you customize Submit Form in our plugin Vidi for CPT (included Video, Channel, Playlist, Series)!

    You need to have PHP skill to customize as this tutorial.

    Please notice depend on fields at Backend, you can add or show fields at Frontend Submit Form.

    Here is topic to add new Fields at Backend for CPT. (Update later)

    In this tutorial we’ll use Submit Video Form as example.

    For easy to manage files you can use WP File Manager plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-file-manager/

    Step 1: Check all fields have at Backend by open file: wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/includes/libararies/vidi-metabox-cpt.php

    You need to find: $video_attached_meta (line 421) and $video_meta (line 511) to see.

    Step 2: Customize Submit Form by open file: wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/includes/libraries/video-metabox-submit-video.php

    Step 3: If the field on Submit Form is not same Backend field name you need to process it:

    Example: haru_video_submit_title need process to set title for new video

    Step 4: If the field on Submit Form is same Backend field name you don’t need to process it:

    Example: haru_video_sever, haru_video_id, …

    If you have issue when customize please leave comment below.

    Hope this helps and thanks for reading.


    Best regards,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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