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    Hi all customer,

    In this topic tutorial we’ll help you import videos automatically in Haru Filmmaker WordPress plugin use in our Filmmaker theme (Frames)

    Now we support import videos from Youtube and Vimeo server.

    Step 1: Please download Haru Video Importer plugin from here and install:


    Go to Admin Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin to install

    Step 2: Go to Tools -> Haru Filmmaker Importer

    Step 3: Configure Settings for Youtube and Vimeo server

    Youtube: need API key

    Vimeo: need Client ID & Client Secret

    You can follow link in each sever to know how to get them.

    Step 4: Fetch Videos before Import and select videos do you want to Import by use checkbox

    Step 5: Import Settings, you must choose Post Type is Videos

    Click Import button to import Videos. You can select Categories, Tag, …

    Hope this help and thanks for reading.

    Best Regards,


    Support Expired

    I did everything as written.. Install Haru Filmaker importer, Create a app in Vimeo to get my client Id and Client Secret, the credentials were successfully verified, wrote my ID on import provider settings, click fetch videos, saw all my videos. Then, when I select one video , click post type:Videos and try to import clicking the import button, on the status from the selected video appears in red the message “Id not provided”.
    What is this ID?

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    We have just checked again and see importer is working fine:
    However if your PHP version >= 8.0 please change it to 7.x
    We’ll research to update it compatible with PHP 8.x later.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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