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    I am getting very incosistent results when I try to order the posts on my frontpage by the number of views.

    For example, the podcasts list is getting sort of ordered by views correctly if use the following code:

    [haru_series_top layout="style-4" title="Podcast: Serii populare" categories="podcast" order_by="like" order="asc" posts_per_page="6"]

    but the online shows list is not getting ordered correctly using what I think should be the correct code:
    [haru_series_top layout="style-4" title="Show Online: Serii populare" categories="show-online" order_by="view" order="desc" posts_per_page="6"]

    Not even using the same code for both of them has the same results. Am I doing something wrong?


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    Support Expired

    Just as a short update, the ordering seems to be broken on too, so I think this is not just on my end.

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    Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product!
    Sorry but the screenshot you send maybe is this page:

    Series Top Grid 3 Colums

    This page order by date and we don’t see any issue.
    Also we see in our Shortcode Generate and we see order by views
    Maybe you are missing s string.
    Please check again.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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