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    We would like to update the view of our services page on tablet horizontal view. We would like the top section to display on one row with 2 columns, and have the services section show as 2 column boxes that show all services. You can view our attached screenshot which shows the current view and how we would like it to look.

    How can we modify the tablet horizontal view to look like the provided screenshot showing the content on the first section on one row with two columns and have the services boxes also show as two boxes across.

    See screenshot attached:

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    Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product!
    As we already replied to you how to change layout on mobile or tablet here:

    Mobile & Tablet Header Logo & Hamburger Menu Formatting

    You need to enter tablet view of Elementor:
    And set width to 50%:
    Similar with section below but we already checked and see currently is the best solution.
    You can change it as you want.
    Hope this helps!



    Thanks for the feedback. The previous reply you sent for changing layout on mobile or tablet does not address the tablet landscape horizontal view. Our support ticket was requesting instructions on how to modify the tablet landscape horizontal view.

    The updates we made regarding this issue in tablet view applied to both vertical and horizontal view. How can we apply the tablet responsive view updates to only show on tablet landscape horizontal view.

    The tablet vertical view is ok, but we would like the tablet landscape horizontal view to show the requested updates.

    How can we apply the requested updates to only tablet landscape horizontal view?


    First off all please note have many tablet devices with many size different and Responsive will focus on the Break Point of devices (not on Orient).
    If you want to use Orient you can reference here:
    Currently Elementor support this on Mobile Devices:
    So if you want to change for only tablet view (Special breakpoint) you need to add custom CSS code to fit what you need. Currently Elementor doesn’t support this in settings.


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