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    1. How to add customized content to Film/Actor/Director Metaboxes? And I also want to specify the order of all items in Metaboxes.
    2. I fill in the content of “short_description” but I cant see where it actually appears.
    3. Is it possible to add a module of Image Gallery to the ending part of Film page, and let it appears after “Cast & Crew”? just like those in Actor/Director pages?
    4. I already disable the comment function in Director page, but why is there a “Leave us a comment” area appearing here? You can check here: http://www.jenniferbeals.cn/director/billy-ray/

    Thank you.

    • This topic was modified 5 years ago by Ellie.

    About all your question we already have 2 topics tutorial to do these:
    1. Add new metabox fields: https://harutheme.com/forums/topic/add-new-metabox-circle-single-video-film-actor-director/
    2. Customize templates to display it here: https://harutheme.com/forums/topic/customize-wordpress-theme-using-child-theme/
    Hope this help you!

    Support Expired

    I have a display problem on the movies page. If I only put 2 actors, they repeat twice.
    Thank you



    You can go to wp-content/themes/haru-circle/assets/js then open file haru-circle.js
    find function shortcodeCarousel() go to line 54 and change code from
    loop: true,
    loop: false,
    Maybe you need clear cache to see changes!
    Hope this helps!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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