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    hi it’s me again…

    Thanks a lot for your response and kind email. I tried all the suggestions on the video and also the tips you’ve sent but no luck. Page options vs. Theme Options etc. And even tried alternating the solutions.I think there is something wrong with the home 3 and sticky header.
    I have to resolve this issue.

    Could you pleease login to my page and take a look at it?

    Thank you very much.


    Thanks for your reply!
    I have just changed as video tutorial.
    Now sticky header and logo working fine.
    However now I choose header on slideshow to make fit as our design. You can disable it by Edit home 3 then go to page options -> Header
    Choose default or disable header on slideshow.
    P/s: Now is fit as our demo site.
    Hope this help you!



    hi. thanks for the effort but…
    I don’t want the header to be on top the video. I want it to be separate above the video as it should be.

    unfortunately this doesn’t help at all.I could have done this by myself and tried this option anyway with others as well and lost many hours…

    is there a way to edit the header color to #e1e1e1 which is the background color of your original design for the customization to embed the transparent logo on it?
    otherwise the template really doesn’t work for me…

    this is such a great template but being able to change sticky header logo on only one of header design that came as a preset and not on the other is a design flow…

    but again at least if you can help me to change the color on the white one helps my situation.



    I have added custom CSS code in Theme Options -> General Setting -> Custom CSS.
    Now your header background changed to 1e1e1e and sticky header working fine.
    Hope this help you!


    thnx a million…. love you


    hi it’s me again… 🙂
    one more thing. #e1e1e1 did the trick with the color but we missed something.
    the first header option(white one now #e1e1e1 shows the logo in smaller size on the screen and on the very left. is it possible to make it look like the black header like almost in the middle and bigger in logo size? if you login to my site and switch in between, you’ll see my dilemma. I want the header logo to be bigger and the stick logo size is just fine.

    Another solution maybe keep the black header active and make the logo appear on the sticky header. Whichever is easier. is there and easy CSS solution for this?

    thnx so much again …



    I just wanted to follow on reply#1039

    thnx for your time…


    I have just changed for you. Please note header black when sticky doesn’t have logo. It sticky menu. So I added custom css to make header 1 as you want.
    Hope this help!



    THANK YOU 🙂 you seriously are the BEST !!!


    Thanks for your feedback!
    Hope all working fine now.
    If you like our product please rate 5* for us. It will help us so much to upgrade and develop our theme.
    Thanks once again!

    Best regards,

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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