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    Hi all our customer,

    In this topic we’ll have tutorial to help you check the reason to know how Import Demo data doesn’t work.

    1. As in our document please make sure your server have setting as suggestion in our document:


    You can see it on section Theme Requirement to change php.ini setting of your server:

    • Max_execution_time: 180
    • Memory_limit: 128M
    • Post_max_size: 32M
    • Upload_max_filesize: 32M

    2. To check these settings you can use this plugin to check or change settings:

    PHP Settings

    3. After check and change these settings as our suggestion but it still doesn’t work please try import demo data manual topic here:

    How to Import Demo Manual WordPress theme

    4. Please make sure your server use PHP version >= 5.6 as suggestion of WordPress:


    5. If Demo Importer still doesn’t work you can contact your Hosting Provider about this issue.

    Hope this help you!



    Best regards,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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