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    good evening

    Thank you very much for reviewing it.

    We do not know why this happens, we will review it so that it does not happen again

    Thank you very much for the help.

    We really like the theme, we are very happy with the choice of theme for our print shop.



    good morning

    In the home slide we have only changed the texts to our language, we have used its template for now to give a temporary aesthetic until we have more than 10,000 products uploaded to the online store.

    I don’t know what the change that produced the conflict will have been. When we advance further in the design we will make a blank one, for now we will leave the page without a slide since we are uploading products.

    If you could check what creates the conflict, it will help us not to make the mistake again, as I indicated, we have used your template and images, we have more web pages with Revolution Slider and we have not had this problem.

    Thanks for the help



    No code in the theme was changed.

    We are starting with the design, we have just made some changes in the Home, slider and footer

    If you have been able to verify, in the Elementor edition everything is placed correctly and in the published page it is misplaced.

    The home is the “Home 6” demo, all the fields are in the same place that they have it, we have only modified the text, we do not touch appearance or styles

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)