Are looking for a Family Tree WordPress plugin to to create your own Family Tree or Genealogy website for your Family and have a plan to do it? How to have the most suitable Family Tree WordPress plugin  to fit your purpose? Which one is under your budget and your time to do it? You can sit down, let us help you save your time, enjoy a cup of tea and surf our website to get what you want in some minutes. We’ll listing the most popular Family Tree WordPress plugin in the list below.

1. wpTree

wpTree is a WordPress plugin for manage organisational structure in horizontal view OR manage hierarchical view.

This plugin supports add, edit, delete functionality with ajax and also supports drag and drop for re-organisation of nodes.

A plugin that allows you to create multiple tree view with lots of customization.

  • Option for create multiple tree view
  • Option for add multiple field in node
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for re-organisation of elements
  • Ajax based add, edit, delete functionality
  • Show/hide a particular branch of the tree by clicking on the show hide icon
  • Highlight a particular branch of the tree by clicking on the highlight icon
  • Draw lines between nodes with animation on page load event
  • Fully customized and easy to understand
  • Full support and complete documentation

Download wpTree


2. TreePress – Easy Family Trees & Ancestor Profiles

Easily display your family tree on your blog.

A new, fully supported, plugin for family history enthusiasts and genealogists enabling you to display a family tree and family information on your website.

  • Display a family tree with up to 200 family members in WordPress
  • Add unlimited family members, including data such as gender, DOB, DOD, image
  • Specify any person as the tree ‘root’ with shortcode
  • Display a family tree with links to further information
  • Display each family member’s information on an individual page
  • Display a list of all family members in the family listing page
  • Zoom in/out of larger trees & drag tree on screen for better viewing

Download TreePress


3. WP Family Tree

WP Family Tree is a family tree generator plugin for WordPress. Each family member have their own post within
a “Family” category. In the family member posts you can specify birth dates, mother, father, etc. A complete family
tree can be displayed on any page with the [family-tree] shortcode.

The root of the tree can be specified with the root parameter: [family-tree root=’John Doe’]

Specify a ‘featured image’ for the post and the image thumbnail will be used in the family memebers list and in the family tree.

Download WP Family Tree


4. Genealogical Tree – WordPress Family Tree

Genealogical Tree is a plugin for display family tree. This is a perfect plugin for genealogists and family history enthusiasts to display a family information and tree on your website

  • Display a family tree with unlimited family members (Up to 5th generation of tree).
  • 1 Tree Layout
  • Drag, zoom in, zoom out for better viewing experience.
  • Detect family root automatically.
  • Set any member as root.
  • Automatic root finder.
  • Add family member information according genealogical method.
  • Add life events like – Burial, Adoption, Engagement, Marriage, Divorce and more
  • Display family member informations into member page.
  • Show all members informations of a family listing page.
  • Add Contact Information

Download Genealogical Tree


5. WordPress MooTools Tree Creator

This plugin utilizes mootools, mootree and milkbox javascript libraries to transform a cutom hierarchical post type into a branched tree. The tree is toggleable as a whole or by element considering the element has children.

The following are some of the configurable options:

  • Initially display the tree as open.
  • Initially display any elements as open.
  • Choose whether to display connecting lines.
  • Choose to display a unique icon for elements with no children.
  • Choose whether to display expand/contract buttons top, bottom, both, none.
  • Change the “theme” of you icons. There are two default themes, you can create your own.
  • Change the behavior of the tree by editing the javascript (text editor with default script located in post category page). The default behavior is to display a lightbox containing the featured image if it exists.
  • Create as many different trees as you want by simply assinging them to a new category.
  • If you would like the branch to link to a url, you have a field for that (note: the javascript would need to be changed).
  • Create a css id for each specific element. This can then be styled in any included .css file.
  • Define the color of text for any specific element.
  • Define a unique icon (both for the branch closed and branch open states) for any specific element.
  • Assign miscellaneous text for each specific element. This can be used for whatever purpose you choose, but was placed as an option in order for a user to define for each element a json, url or similar style name/value pair string to be accessed via the javascript methods available in the editor.
  • Set a featured image for each individual element. The default behavior is to display this image in a lightbox when the element is clicked.

Download WordPress Moo Tree Creator


With these 8+ Family Tree WordPress plugin, you can find yourself best suitable one within your budget. All are much recommended and have great features. What you need to do is just spend some seconds in front of your laptop and finally, you can get it easy . Good luck!

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